Spinal Surgery

Future Neurospine offers surgical treatment of spine disorders with the latest new and/or minimally invasive techniques. Decompression of nerve roots or spinal cord is done with minimally invasive Swivel Port tubular access and the operating microscope for discectomy, foraminotomy or laminectomy. Lumbar disc protrusions may be treated with percutaneous Hydrodiscectomy performed as an outpatient. Indirect decompression for spinal stenosis may be done with outpatient insertion of the X-Stop interspinous process device. Thoracic and/or lumbar osteoporotic compression fractures may be fixed with outpatient Kyphoplasty. Lumbar fusions are performed with pedicle screw fixation which in many cases may be placed via Swivel Port minimally invasive tubular access systems. Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion is performed with plate fixation via minimal size incisions.

The following is a listing of these procedures with links to further information:

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