Pain Surgery

Future Neurospine offers a full range of invasive pain treatment options which include 1) nerve root blocks, 2) neuromodulation and 3) neuroablation. Nerve root blocks are performed with steroid and local anesthetics delivered with fluoroscopically-guided needle injections adjacent to painful nerve roots. The blocks are designed to provided temporary pain relief and to localize the pain generator. Neuromodulation involves surgical insertion of spinal cord stimulation devices to reversibly block pain pathways. This includes insertion of drug pumps to deliver spinal narcotic analgesia to control intractable cancer pain proven refractory to other routes of narcotic administration. Neuroablation involves surgical or radiofrequency destruction of nerves or pain pathways to irreversibly block pain transmission pathways including rhizotomy, neurectomy and cordotomy.

The following is a listing of these procedures with links to further information:

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